Collection: Stone Milled Whole Grain Flours

100% whole milled flour collection. We purchase our whole grains directly from our Northern California farmers. When we make flour, we grind the grains through our stone mill keeping all the bran and germ. That way you get the full benefit of whole grain nutrition & flavor. We also don't mix our grain varieties, you get to experience the full flavor and performance of each unique variety, undiluted. We take care to monitor the temperature of the flour coming off the mill (our standard is to be below 118 F, usually it ranges between 90 F and 105 F). This is important to maintain active enzymes for best flavor development during long fermentations. If we overheat the flour and cook it in the mill, you lose the wonderful flavors of these small farm grown grains. Our mill stones are set so that the grains are ground into a medium fine texture, any closer and we risk overheating the stones & cooking the flour. This texture is great for bread, pancakes, quick breads, rustic cakes and cookies.