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Stone Ground Whole Khorasan, 3-lbs (shipped to you!)

Stone Ground Whole Khorasan, 3-lbs (shipped to you!)

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You may know Khorasan better by the brand name "Kamut". It is said that this was the grain found buried with an Egyptian Pharaoh and was germinated after 1000 years of dormancy! I can't vouch for this story, but I can vouch for how wonderful this grain is in bread! I'm looking forward to testing it in scones and cookies next. (update: it makes fantastic scones and focaccia!) It is higher in protein than wheat & rye, the flour has a golden hue, and the flavor is nutty and a tiny bit sweet. We mill it whole, in house, so that you get the entire grain...nothing is sifted off. You also get a great dose of prebiotic bran (preferred food of the gut microbiome) and all the germ (aroma rich oils, B vitamins and micronutrients). This flour has character.

Whole Food   Minimally Processed  Organically Grown   GMO-free   

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