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Hard Red Wheat, Soft White Wheat, Early Winter Rye, Khorasan (a.k.a. Kamut) and Einkorn are now all grown in Humboldt County California

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Stone Milled

We stone mill all of our whole grains on our granite grist mill. We sift nothing off. That way you get ALL the nutrients and the full flavor of the grains.

  • Pepsi - the ranch dog

    At Beck's Bakery we know our farmers (and their dogs!)

  • Farmer John

    A leader in the local grain movement, John LaBoyteaux was one of the early adopters to grow grain in Humboldt County

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  • Farmer Marvin & Family

    Before growning wheat, Marvin grew quinoa, oats, and hay. Late summer of 2022 he harvest Wheat (hard red & soft white), Rye, Khorasan, and Einkorn