Bread Shares - Community Supported Bakery (CSB)

100% whole grain breads in collaboration with local farm CSAs. We will add more as they develop.

Shakefork Community Farm, Tuesday and Friday

Earthly Edibles (TBA)

About the breads:

100% whole grain (no refined flours) long-fermented
Mostly sourdoughs but a few with yeast
Mostly vegan but a couple have honey
Mostly organic ingredients (we can’t find organic golden raisins & few other things),
Mostly Nor-Cal grown grains (Humboldt, Sonoma & Lake Counties)
Not available in stores just direct sell to eaters
Each loaf is approximately 525g (18 oz) except for Seed Feast and Einkorn - they are smaller.

Here is a list of the breads (we hope to add new ones to the list as the season progresses):

  • Ammerland Black Bread (rye)
  • Vollkornbrot (rye)
  • Pumpernickel Raisin (rye)
  • Seed Feast (GF)
  • Sesame Spelt 
  • Sesame Currant Whole Wheat
  • Einkorn Sesame
  • Whole Wheat Cranberry Walnut 
  • Whole Wheat Levain + Buckwheat
  • Whole Wheat Sourdough



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