Seed Feast - Curbside pick-up only

Seed Feast - Curbside pick-up only

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This is something a little different than our usual. No gluten, no yeast - not even a wild culture! But loaded with great flavor and texture. It isn't really bread - it is more like a nut loaf. It is rich in omega fatty acids (look at all those seeds!) and soluble fiber (thank you oats). We soak all the seeds overnight (it helps to make them more digestible). It is calorie dense with almost buttery flavor. Great sliced thin with nothing on it or you can add your favorite spread. It can go sweet or savory.

We bake these in our mini-pans, so they are small but mighty!

Ingredients: water, rolled oats*, sunflower seeds*, flaxseed*, almonds*, pumpkin seeds*, extra virgin olive oil*, maple syrup*, quinoa*, psyllium seed husk*, chia seed*, sea salt. (*organic)

There will be one pick-up day at Beck's Bakery, 100 Ericson Ct., Arcata - 

  • Saturday, December 4th, 10 am - 2 pm

Plant-based Whole Food    Organic Ingredients    GMO-free    High Fiber



Customer Reviews

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Carol R
A delicious treat

This bread is so chock full of seeds, nuts and grain! It’s delicious toasted with a smear of cream cheese and lox! Served it as an appetizer with Larrupin mustard and everyone loved it! Thanks, Rhonda!!

Peter Carlson
a real treat

Seed Feast is one of my favorites from Beck's, I try to get 2 when they are available. It is too easy to go through a loaf when they are so tasty - with a light toasting it is so flavorful and moist nothing added is needed. But also a great base for a quick snack with your favorite spread. Easy to freeze one, or be generous and share one with a friend.

David Sleeth-Keppler
Delicious and nutritious

Seed feast is my favorite specialty bread.

Brian Boni


Linda West
Seed fest bread Saturday curb side pick up

Becks bread is fabulous the seed fest is especially wonderful
Was my first curb side pick up and it was super easy
Will be back for sure