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Beck's Bakery

100% Whole Grain Fruit Loaf

100% Whole Grain Fruit Loaf

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This bread is sweet, bitter-sweet, sour and a tiny bit spicy. The whole oranges pieces with the local wheat is so lovely - a pair made in heaven. I dig it sliced with nothing on it and I'm also loving it lightly toasted with cream cheese (I'm pleasantly surprised how good Miyoko's Vegan cream cheese with chives goes with it...sounds weird but its good!)

The grain was organically grown by Eel Valley Farms (Marcus and his brother-in-law), in the Larabee Valley, California. And we stone mill it fresh for baking (sifting nothing off!) We use a natural sourdough fermentation and don't use any commercial yeast.

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, dried fruit (sultanas, figs, tart cherries, cranberries, apricots, dates), whole rye flour, oranges, ginger, salt, starter culture, cinnamon, and white pepper.

This product cannot be shipped, it is for Farmers' Market pick-up only. 

Available for Farmers' Market pick-up Saturday, March 9, 2024, 10 am - 1 pm.

Each loaf is about 400g (just under 1 pound). I can't decide if it is going in a pan or if it will be free form - I'm thinking pan because the fruit stains my basket liners and I get sugar burnt on the surface of the deck oven when I bake the loaves directly on the hearth. 

Note: if it is pouring rain, pick-up will be at curbside at the bakery (100 Ericson Ct. Suite 100 C, Arcata, CA) 10am - 2pm

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