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Whole Wheat Sourdough Baking Class at the NCGA Harvest Hub

Whole Wheat Sourdough Baking Class at the NCGA Harvest Hub

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Date: July 8th (Monday) 1-4 pm

Location: North Coast Growers Association (NCGA) Harvest Hub, 5720 West End Rd, Arcata, CA

In partnership with the NCGA's desire to host local agriculture food events (and to check out their sweet new location!) Learn about the Harvest Hub and Grains for Good - a NCGA program providing Arcata House with nutritious, local grain, baked goods made by fellow community members. You will learn how to make a tasty, 100% whole grain sourdough bread! Once you've honed your skills, it is up to you if you'd like to donate bread to the GFG program.

Rhonda (lead baker & owner of Beck's Bakery) will walk you through the process of making a 100% wholegrain sourdough bread using stone milled local grains. 

This class covers flour selection, basic equipment for home baking, professional techniques for creating artisan-style bread, best practices for maintaining your culture, and hands on shaping tutorial.

Each student will leave with formulas (a.k.a. recipes), sourdough culture, and shaped dough to bake at home. 

Students will need to arrive at the Harvest Hub with an apron, comfortable shoes and hair tied back. Bring your own water bottle and snack if you need it. Students will need to stand for the entire 3 hour duration. This class is ideal for people who have done some bread baking, but desire to be more confident and produce a consistent great loaf. Enthusiastic beginners are welcome as well. Students should be a mature 12 years old or older.

Class price: $100 (formulas, wild culture & dough to bake at home)

Cancellation Policy: Please give us 48 hours notice if you decide to cancel and want a full refund. 

Location: NCGA Harvest Hub, 5720 West End Road, Arcata, CA . Make sure we have a good email for you. We will be sending more info prior to the class.

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