*Volkornbrot - Sourdough Rye with Sunflower Seeds (Local pick-up only)

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A dense and flavorful German-style rye. Made with 100% stone ground whole rye and a wild yeast culture (no commercial yeast). Now is your chance to get one. They usually sell out quick at the Farmers' Market! They get better 24-48 hours after baking.

Loaves weigh approximately 17 oz.

Ingredients: 100% stone ground whole rye flour, sunflower seeds*, water, honey, wild rye culture, sea salt. (*organic)

This product cannot be shipped, it is for local pick-up only. Please select a location (& date) for pick-up when checking out. 

 Plant-based Whole-food      Organic    "bee"-gan    High Fiber    Good Gluten