Nutty Granola - Family Size (Curbside Pick-up)

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Humboldt's best Granola! Chocked fulla' nuts & tart cranberries, roasted until crispy & golden, with layers of flavor.

14oz / 397g

Ingredients: rolled oats*, unsweetened applesauce*, almonds*, sunflower seeds*, brown sugar*, sesame seeds*, pecans*, sweetened cranberries* (evaporated cane juice*, sunflower oil*), brown rice syrup*, honey, canola oil*, salt, cinnamon*, ginger* (*organic)

"Bee-gan" Whole Food    Organic Ingredients    GMO-free    High Fiber    Prebiotic

This is available for curbside pick-up:

Saturdays, 10 am - 2 pm, Beck's Bakery

Beck's Bakery is located in the Foodworks Culinary Center. Drive around to the back of the building (look for our little red trailer) You'll see our name on the door. Call 707-840-8004 when you arrive.

Customer Reviews

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Don Williams
Great traditional granola

Love this style of granola. Chewy, crunchy and extremely tasty. If I could make one change, it would be to omit the dried cranberries (they’re usually hard, tough and tend to clump). Even so, I’d recommend this over any other commercially prepared granola.

Tom G
So good and crunchy

The BEST Granola ever! so crunchy, it doesn't get soggy like the others. Lots of great pecans and almonds. My favorite!
Beck's is the best!

pamela brown

Love Rhonda’s granola

Bob Felter

I usually make my own, roughly following a recipe from an ancient Last Whole Earth Catalog. But I was about to make a batch the day I picked up an order and wondered what's in yours. Honestly, I didn't scrutinize it closely, and dumped it into my batch. It seemed a touch overbaked, and maybe a bit heavy on cinnamon but I liked it.

We so appreciate Beck's Bakery, the whole grains can't be beat so the products are miles beyond the white flour competition of Brio

Mary Ann

This was my first visit to Becks. I had put off trying the Becks granola because of price and I do have a sweet tooth and I thought I would have to sweeten it. Well, it was delicious and no need for sweetener. I will definitely buy it again because I’m already out.