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Khorasan with Apricots & Hazelnuts

Khorasan with Apricots & Hazelnuts

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This is a really special bread!

Khorasan is an old grain. It has never been hybridized nor modified. Some folks with wheat sensitivities do well with this grain. It comes from the Khorasan region in northeastern Iran. It is rich in B vitamins and is known for its nutty flavor. It is a cousin to Durum wheat (think pasta flour). We are so fortunate to have farmers growing it in Humboldt County! 

100% whole grain, beautiful golden crumb, studded with apricots, golden raisins and toasted hazelnuts. Toast to crisp up the crust. Perfect for appetizer boards.

Ingredients: Stone ground whole Khorasan flour*, water, toasted hazelnuts*, golden raisins*, apricots (dried)*, sea salt, whole grain starter, fennel seed* and herb tea*. *=organic

 Approximately 400 g/14 oz Batard

This product cannot be shipped, it is for Farmers' Market pick-up only. 

  • Saturday, 13 April 2024, Arcata Plaza, 9 am - 1pm 

Note: Curbside pick-up if it is raining sideways!

Vegan     Locally Grown Grains     Stone Milled    Wild-cultured    Organic Ingredients

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