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Beck's Bakery

Bavarian Hausbrot Rye

Bavarian Hausbrot Rye

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Dreamy fresh milled rye and wheat, warm spicy aromas from anise, fennel, coriander and caraway and a tiny bit of tang from the wild sourdough culture.

A dense and flavorful German-Style whole grain sourdough. Made with 100% stone ground whole rye and wheat with a wild rye culture (just flour, water, and naturally occurring microbes). Delightful flavors keep developing in your mouth with every bite. Long fermented. Plant-base whole food. All organic ingredients. No commercial yeast. These loaves get better 24-48 hours after baking. They freeze well and make exceptional toast!

Flour, water, salt and spices - that is it!

Plant-based Whole food   Organic Ingredients   Wild Cultured  Prebiotic  High Fiber Vegan

Ingredients: water, 100% stone ground whole rye flour*, 100% stone ground whole wheat flour*, sea salt, wild rye culture, anise seed*, fennel seed*, coriander,  and caraway*. (*organic)

Approximately 500g. Bread is baked in a pullman loaf pan. 500 grams is 1/3 of a loaf.

This product cannot be shipped, it is for Farmers' Market pick-up only. 

  • Saturday, 30 March 2024, 10 am - 1pm 

Note: Curbside pick-up if it is raining sideways.

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