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Dukkah - Egyptian Bread Dipping Spice Mix 3.5oz/100g

Dukkah - Egyptian Bread Dipping Spice Mix 3.5oz/100g

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Dukkah originated as a simple Egyptian street food that now has a worldwide following. Egyptians have their own unique family recipes that are usually a combination of nuts, seeds and toasted spices. Ours is made with toasted hazelnuts*, sesame seeds*, coriander*, cumin*, peppercorns*, fennel*, mint* and French grey sea salt. (* organic)
The process of eating Dukkah is fun...tear off a piece of bread, dip it into the olive oil and press oiled bread into the spice mix. Dukkah pairs well with roasted veggies (especially beets), soups & salads.  It is an exotic addition to the standard balsamic & olive oil plates served with a bread basket.
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Customer Reviews

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marion amber

It's just a very earthy mixture reminiscent of a time when people didn't buy everything at the store. I like that it's not ground too much; it has a roughness that allows individual flavors to pop up. Yet it's all smoothed by olive oil.

O. Paloma
dukkah is a delicious savory blend

Imparts a wonderful variety of nice Mediterranean-spice hits, plus plenty of nuts. I love it most the traditional way--bread dipped in olive oil, then in dukkah. (Just like at 3 Foods, back when. (In Arcata))

Deborah V.
Simply Delicious!

The roasted beets were incredible! But I also discovered that sprinkling it on my elaborate salads makes them even more tasty! What a find! I would buy a lot of this wonderful concoction. It has so many different flavors that blend into a delicious mix perfect with all sorts of vegetables. Good thing I already bought 3 bags! I had a feeling this would be a keeper.

Pat Bitton
Delicious dukkah!

I am so happy to have more of this - it's so delicious on roasted carrots!

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