Black Shortbread Cookies, 4-pack Farmers' Market pick-up only

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If you like dark chocolate & shortbread, you will probably love these unique cookies! Our secret is 100% stone milled whole rye flour, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate cacao nibs and a tiny sprinkle of French grey sea salt. These pair well with red wine, chevre and bloomy rind goat cheeses. They are also divine by themselves!

Ingredients: unsalted butter*, stone milled whole rye flour*, granulated sugar*, unsweetened cocoa powder*, cacao nibs, sea salt, vanilla extract. (*= organic)

This product cannot be shipped, it is for local pick-up only. 


Customer Reviews

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Black shortbread is phenomenal

The most exceptional shortbread cookie I’ve had in years. Not your traditional white flour but a lovely rye flour with cacao nibs that packs a delightful caffeine punch with exquisite flavor. The touch of flaked sea salt was perfect. A wonderful fresh cookie from a local baker that continues to impress.

Paula Ingram

Perfect for my afternoon tea!

Bonnie MacEvoy
Don't eat more than one

Good and not very sweet, but very strong of chocolate. I do not normally have caffeine and this was a big dose. A couple of my guests didn't finish theirs, but I enjoyed mine. Not my favorite, but definitely unique.

Arlene Guccione
This cookie is in it's own category!

Wow, exotic, cerebral (it makes you feel you're smarter than you thought)! The crunchy chocolate nibs makes me think this delicious creation came out of an Aztec oven hundreds of years ago; an ancient family recipe rediscovered. Hope this cookie becomes a regular offering.

Tom Mendenhall
My wife's favorite

Great tasting. Strong chocolate flavor.