Ammerland Black Rye  (Curbside pick-up only)

Ammerland Black Rye (Curbside pick-up only)

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A dense and flavorful German-style rye. Made with 100% whole grains (rye and wheat) and a wild rye levain culture (no commercial yeast). Just barely sweetened with a bit of honey. The aroma of toasted coriander will hold this one in your memory for days after your loaf is gone. They get better 24-48 hours after baking. Slice thin and slather with your favorite toppings!

Curbside pick up Tuesday and Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm. Be sure to pick the day you want to pick-up from the pull down menu:

*Saturday (Apr 10), Beck's Bakery, 100 Ericson Ct. (Foodworks), Arcata,10 am-2 pm

*Tuesday (Apr 13), Beck's Bakery, 100 Ericson Ct. (Foodworks), Arcata,10 am-2 pm

Each loaf is approximately 19 ounces

Ingredients: water, 100% whole grain rye flour*, 100% whole grain wheat (cracked)*, honey, wild rye culture, flax seeds*, sunflower seeds*, sea salt, ground coriander*. (*organic)

"Bee-gan" Whole Food    Organic Ingredients    GMO-free    Prebiotic    High Fiber



Customer Reviews

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Five star bread!

This one of my most favorites.
I like all the varieties of Ryes and wheat breads Beck's produces, but this one goes beyond five stars!

rich & hearty

A very rich and hearty bread that is easy to slice thin. Even toasted is dense and moist, with great flavor from the rye. As others have noted, it is a great choice for open faced sandwiches, with egg dishes - or just on it's own!


We have been experimenting with open-faced sandwiches and this has been a perfect accompaniment! Can slice it thin, it adds to the flavors, the texture is just right.

Ammerland Black Rye is the BOMB!!!!!!

Dense and delicious dark rye. Love open face turkey and cheese with brown mustard. Also great as toast with eggs. healthy addition to you bread lovers.

Hearty Bread

This is a hearty bread with a hint of coriander, love with just some mayo and tomatoes.