*Vollkornbrot - Sourdough Rye with Sunflower Seeds (Farmers' Market pick-up only)

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A dense and flavorful German-style rye loaded with sunflower seeds. Made with 100% stone ground whole rye and a wild yeast culture (no commercial yeast). They get better 24-48 hours after baking. Slice thin and serve with good cheese or a yummy bean spread, pickles, and fresh herbs - delightful!

Loaves weigh approximately 17 oz.

Ingredients: 100% stone ground whole rye flour*, water, sunflower seeds*, sea salt, wild rye culture. (*organic)  

This product cannot be shipped, it is for local pick-up only.  

Farmer's Market pick-up:

  • Arcata Plaza, (Saturday) 17 September, 9 am - 1 pm

 Whole-food    Plant-based   High Fiber   Wild Cultured    Long Fermentation    Organic   

Customer Reviews

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Deborah V.
Lovely nuances of flavor

Excellent flavor and texture. I love it very thinly sliced, toasted to bring out the flavor even more, and with a very thin spread of mustard, preferably Larrupin. It is very delishous with the my vegetable stews.

Lin Glen
One of the best

One of my favorite Beck’s breads. I always order at least 2 so I have one for the freezer. It is dense, square - so it slices perfectly for toast - delicious, and nutritious. This bread particularly makes me glad I live in Humboldt county - close to Beck’s bakery!


wonderful taste, texture, and heaps of sunflower seeds. Ended up slicing and freezing it. Highly recommended.

Ken Miller
Delicious nutritious

One of the best great toasted substrate for anything & long life

The new scone is scrumptious lemony herb & sweet a fine addition

The real deal

Lovely hunk of real food, which you can slice thick or thin. Fabulous taste. Freezes well. No wheat involved.