The Grain


Bread from Beck’s Bakery features locally grown whole grains, anywhere from 10% to 100% whole grain (the rest is Organic Artisan Baker’s Craft unbleached & unmalted wheat flour from Central Milling). Since opening in October 2012, we’ve used 6 varieties of hard red spring wheat: Glee, Red Fife, Kelse, Expresso, Marquis, & Hollis. Each of these wheat varieties perform differently in bread making, some are a dream to work with and produce lovely high loaves, while others are a bit more challenging and take some coaxing to help them rise sufficiently (you may have noted the variation in loaf volume and differences in how crumb holds together or…sometimes tends toward crumbling after a few days).  Luckily, we’ve been able to maintain fantastic flavor every time!  The whole wheat is featured in our 100% Local Whole Wheat, 100% Whole Wheat Crackers, Aldergrove Sourdough, Moroccan Millet, Cranberry-Flax Ciabatta* Semolina-Fennel* and Plaza Ciabatta**

In 2016, our whole rye is from Clover Crossing Ranch, Upper Lake, Lake County (formerly Clover Creek Ranch), grown by John LaBoyteaux. The variety is Merced. Rye had a poor yield and we are hoping for a much better crop come late July 2016. We’ve also used rye from Doug Mosel of the Mendocino Grain Project. The variety is AG and it was grown at Nelson Ranch in Ukiah, CA. It was a vigorous plant, reaching heights of over 7 ft at maturity! This grain is featured in our 100% Whole Rye Crackers, West End Rye, Sourdough Seed, Sunflower Seed, Walnut-Pepper Rye*,Cranberry-Flax Ciabatta*, and Plaza Ciabatta**

*Available periodically at the Saturday Farmers’ Market in Arcata

**Available as a sandwich at Wild Platter Cafe at Wildberries, Larrupin Cafe,  and at Riversong Natural Foods in Willow Creek.

Although not all our local grains are certified organic, the farmers growing for Beck’s Bakery are using sustainable land management practices. Some of their fields are certified organic and some are not.