Beck's Farm Style Muffin Recipe

Beck's Farm Style Muffin Recipe

1 (340g) bag Beck’s Farm Style Baking Mix

⅓ cup (75g) brown sugar, packed

1 large (~50g) egg, whisked

⅓ cup (65g) oil

1 tsp (5g) vanilla extract

¼ cup + 1 tablespoon (65g) water

Sugar for topping



Preheat oven 350°F

In a medium bowl, stir together dry mix and brown sugar. In a separate medium bowl, whisk together egg & oil, then whisk in vanilla and water. Pour in liquid mixture and any optional ingredients (see additions below) into dry mixture and stir gently but quickly by folding with a rubber spatula.

Using an ice cream scoop, large spoon or ⅓ cup measuring cup, scoop enough batter to fill a paper muffin cup ¾ full of batter. Sprinkle about ½-1 teaspoon of sugar over each muffin. Bake in muffin tin for approximately 20-25mins (medium sized muffins). Check for doneness by poking the center of the muffin with a toothpick, it should come out clean or with moist crumbs attached. If toothpick is coated with batter, bake another 5 mins and check again. Let finished muffins sit for 5 mins. Remove muffins from tin to cool. Enjoy muffins warm or at room temp. These muffins freeze great!

Yield: 8 medium

(You’ll make more muffins if you add additional ingredients from Optional Additions list below!)

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Optional Additions for Muffins:

¾ cup fresh fruit (chopped small)

½ cup nuts (chopped), chocolate chips, or dried fruit

1 tsp citrus zest, grated fresh ginger or fresh herbs (tarragon, rosemary, thyme)

½ tsp cinnamon, dried ginger or…

Exchange water for other liquids (juice, milk)

Exchange oil for butter, cream cheese, coconut oil, or sour cream. You will need to cream these fats using a mixer (except for sour cream) with the brown sugar. After light & fluffy, beat in egg until fully incorporated.  You may need to adjust water +/- to get correct texture.

Great combos

Shredded apple (¾ cup), cinnamon (½ teaspoon) with a pinch of nutmeg

Blueberry (¾ c) or Raspberry (¾ c) & lemon zest (1 tsp)

Chocolate chip (½ c) & shredded coconut (½ c)

Apricot, dried, chopped (½ c) & Tarragon, fresh chopped (½ teaspoon)

Peach, Lavender, & crumb topping (see coffee cake for streusel topping recipe)

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