Does Local Matter?

Does Local Matter?

Rhonda Wiedenbeck and  Farmer John LaBoyteaux, NCGA Farmers' Market- Fortuna, Jul 2018Does Local Matter? Hell yes!

Sure, this is coming from a bakery owner who’s hoping you don’t decide (insert national brand name) is a better choice… But it matters a lot more than just that!

When you get down to the basics, supporting local food producers and growers is a necessity for food security. We’ve been fed a false sense of security that a smorgasbord of cheap food options is normal and sustainable, but as we’ve all learned in recent years, the supply chain is an amazing feat of human accomplishment…. until it ain’t. Things can quickly go sideways, and the once abundant and fully stocked grocery store shelves become sparse and empty.

During the beginning of the pandemic, when the whole country was running out of flour – Beck's Bakery had plenty. Our farmer lived a couple hours away and could bring us nearly 1,000 pounds of grain on relatively short notice. Having our own stone mill meant we could turn that grain into nutritious, full flavored, incredibly fresh flour.

Since then we’ve had some time with relative stability, but things are starting to feel more and more wobbly, like we are headed into uncharted territory. So, my suggestion (and request) is that you support your local food producers. Join those CSAs, shop at the farmers’ markets, dine in or take out from local restaurants & caterers. Better yet: learn how to grow, prepare, and preserve your own food. Pick up the local Food Guide at Cooperation Humboldt if you need help!

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