Sourdough Pan, sliced & FROZEN  (Saturday curbside pick-up only)

Sourdough Pan, sliced & FROZEN (Saturday curbside pick-up only)

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One of our best Farmers' Market sellers! Mildly sour, chewy, and versatile for sandwiches, toast or the dinner bread basket. 100% wild culture (no commercial yeast), organic unbleached white flour, stone milled whole wheat flour (sustainably grown on small farms & milled on Beck's own granite grist mill). This bread is long fermented and takes us 36 hours to create. 

Note: This bread is sliced and frozen! We recommend that you bring an insulated bag to keep it frozen.

This product cannot be shipped, it is for local pick-up only. 

We now have Curbside Pick-ups at the bakery! Call us when you arrive and we will bring your order to your car (with freshly sanitized hands of course!)

We have one pick-up day:

 Saturdays, 10 am - 2 pm, Beck's Bakery

Beck's Bakery is located in the Foodworks Culinary Center. Drive around to the back of the building (look for our little red trailer) You'll see our name on the door. Call 707-840-8004 when you arrive.


Customer Reviews

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Lin Glen
Always fresh sourdough whenever you need it

I love this bread and keep a loaf in the freezer so we can grab a few wonderfully fresh slices when we unexpectedly run out of boule or for our favorite sandwiches!

Ronald Honig

makes the most wonderful morning toast!

Suzi Hendry
Great toasted

Love this bread for toast with pb and honey. Appreciate that it is presliced and can keep in freezer!

JANE Brown
Best sourdough bread

It smells and tastes heavenly. So fresh and tangy. Makes the best grilled cheese.

Diane de Ford
Absolutely delicious

This is wonderful bread..
big slices, sourdough, yummy for sandwiches or French toast!