Just Right Croutons - 9oz/255g (Farmers' Market pick-up only)

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Finally...civilized croutons! Little toasty crunchy bits of garlic & herb flavored stone ground Honey Whole Wheat bread makes this a delightful addition to fresh salads. We make our own herb oil by scratch with a variety of fresh organic herbs and toss it with extra virgin olive oil, French grey sea salt, and an organic garlic pepper blend we get from an herb company in Oregon. We love sprinkling these flavorful croutons on casseroles and soups too.
Ingredients: Beck's Honey Whole Wheat (stone ground local whole wheat flour*, water, non-fat powdered milk*, honey, olive oil*, sea salt, yeast), extra virgin olive oil*, fresh herbs*, garlic*, French grey sea salt, chili pepper flakes*, black pepper*. (*organic)
9-oz (255g)

These are available for Farmers' Market pick-up:

 Saturdays, 9 am - 1 pm, Beck's Bakery

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Duggins
Great Croutons

My garden is lettuce heavy so we are having salad everyday and these croutons really add to the favor and the crunch is great!

Pat Bitton
Baby croutons!

I have a tendency to choke on croutons - so these dinky ones are ideal for me!

Deborah V.
Fabulous and super crunchy!

I am a salad fanatic and make very time consuming and creative salads everyday of my life. I have avoided the bigger, basically tasteless croutons from stores which are made with terribly poor ingredients and have either no flavor or too much MSG to make up for the lack of flavor. My salads deserve more. I tried these special croutons on a whim since everything I have tasted from Beck's Bakery is incredibly delicious! These croutons are exceptionally great! At last, croutons with character, great flavor subtleties, and perfect for my perfect salads!! These are the best croutons EVER! I will definitely buy more!

I wasn't sure....

I wasn't sure about these teensy croutons but they are perfect. The compliment rather than overwhelm the salad. Why did we ever get off onto those jumbo croutons??? These are sooooo much better.

Mary Kate Durkee
Delicious croutons!

These croutons are amazing. They're small so they're easy to bite. They're full of flavor, and just the right size and texture to give your salad extra depth. These are so different and worlds better than any crouton I've ever had. Can't wait to get some more.