Flour - Stone Ground Whole Wheat, Soft White (Pastry) 3-lbs  (Curbside Pick-up Only)

Flour - Stone Ground Whole Wheat, Soft White (Pastry) 3-lbs (Curbside Pick-up Only)

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Because we mill our whole grains in house, you get the entire grain...nothing is sifted off. You also get a great dose of prebiotic bran (preferred food of the gut microbiome) and all the germ (aroma rich oils, B vitamins and micronutrients). This flour has terroir...

Soft wheats tend to be lower in gluten, so they are ideal for quick breads. We use this flour in our pie crusts, muffins, and cookies. It also makes the BEST buttermilk pancakes (a great way to re-introduce whole grains to people that say they don't like them!).  If you are converting a white flour recipe into whole grain, start with a 50/50 mix. Some recipes work really well as 100% whole grain, others may not have the texture your were going for.

 Whole Food   Minimally Processed (milling is a process)  Organically Grown  GMO-free

This is available for curbside pick-up:
Saturdays, 10 am - 2 pm, Beck's Bakery

Beck's Bakery is located in the Foodworks Culinary Center. Drive around to the back of the building (look for our little red trailer) You'll see our name on the door. Call 707-840-8004 when you arrive. 

Customer Reviews

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Marcia Brenta
Soft whole wheat flour and whole wheat sourdough bread..also bought separately millet bread

All excellent to eat and toast with butter or peanut butter
Flour excellent for whole wheat pie crust and cookies
Thanks to Rhonda
Smiling face best of all

Jameson Creek Ranch, LLC
Love Beck’s 100% Stone Milled Soft White Wheat Flour!

At Jameson Creek Ranch, LLC, we love creating our hand made cakes and pastries using Beck’s 100% Wholegrain Stone-Milled Soft White Wheat flour. This flour yields a delicious uniform crumb for our cakes and adds an excellent toothy quality to our hearty pastries and cookies. Knowing that this soft white flour is organic, non-gmo and stone milled locally right here in Humboldt County really warms my heart. Definitely recommend Beck’s Soft White Wheat Flour!

Folsy Soft Wheat

This flour makes lively tender flapjacks, cookies and yeasted bread goodies. I use it just like one would use all-purpose for these baked goods and I get great healthy results everytime. So glad to have gorgeous locally killed and close to home grain. What a blessing.

Andrew Jones
Best for Baking

Rebuilding my starter for winter baking. Nothing beats the flavor and rise of low temperature, freshly ground whole wheat from Beck’s Bakery!

Lynn Duggins
Freshly Ground Organic Flour

We are so lucky to have this flour available. It's organically grown in Northern California with the date it was ground right on the bag! Thanks