Flour - Stone Ground Whole Wheat, Hard Red (Bread) 3-lbs   (Curbside Pick-up Only)

Flour - Stone Ground Whole Wheat, Hard Red (Bread) 3-lbs (Curbside Pick-up Only)

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Because we mill our whole grains in house, you get the entire grain...nothing is sifted off. You also get a great dose of prebiotic bran (preferred food of the gut microbiome) and all the germ (aroma rich oils, B vitamins and micronutrients). This flour has terroir...

We are very fortunate to be able to purchase our whole grains directly from our farmers and mill them fresh on our granite grist mill. We can provide our community of bread bakers with whole grain flours that have exceptional flavor, nutrition and freshness. Typically bakers prefer hard wheats for bread making. Our small farm grown hard whole wheat flours tend to have lower gluten than the flours made from commodity wheat. They are also enzymatically very active! So we recommend keeping a close eye on their proofing and baking pan loaves or small loaves (or rolls) so that they don't spread and flatten too much in the oven.


Whole Food       Minimally Processed      Organically Grown      GMO-free


This is available for curbside pick-up:

Saturdays, 10 am - 2 pm, Beck's Bakery

Beck's Bakery is located in the Foodworks Culinary Center. Drive around to the back of the building (look for our little red trailer) You'll see our name on the door. Call 707-840-8004 when you arrive.

Customer Reviews

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Great WW

This whole wheat worked great with sourdough starter. I did an overnight hydration of the flour before mixing in the leaven the next day and got a lighter springier loaf. Thanks for offering this local wheat for us home bakers!

Ww sourdough and ww flour

Both great! Enjoyed the bread thinly sliced with marscapine spread. Breakfast.

Amazing Flour

Where can you live that has access to stone ground flour that is so fresh, it has been ground the day before?? I can't say enough about the quality, the freshness and the 100% whole grain make up of this flour. I encourage local bakers to give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

So fresh!

Truly fabulous to work with freshly ground flour! Biscuits, pies, cakes... all the things! I sift out the bran when I need a lighter flour and save it to make dog biscuits. Love that Becks also provides the option to purchase their flour in addition to their breads!


Always great to pick up from Beck’s. It’s so easy!