Find Beck's Bakery at the Farmers' Market in Arcata, Sat 9-2.

Ammerland Black Rye Farmers' Market Pick-up only (Curbside pick-up if pouring rain)

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A dense and flavorful German-style rye. Made with 100% whole grains (rye and Khorasan) and a wild rye levain culture (no commercial yeast). Just barely sweetened with a bit of honey. The aroma of toasted coriander will hold this one in your memory for days after your loaf is gone. They get better 24-48 hours after baking. Slice thin and slather with your favorite toppings!

*Saturday (May 21), Farmers' Market, Arcata, 9 am-2 pm

Each loaf is approximately 19 ounces

Ingredients: water, 100% whole grain rye flour*, 100% whole grain Khorasan (cracked)*, honey, wild rye culture, flax seeds*, sunflower seeds*, sea salt, ground coriander*. (*organic)

"Bee-gan" Whole Food    Organic Ingredients    GMO-free    Prebiotic    High Fiber



Customer Reviews

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Jasmin Segura
The friggin best!

This bread is a flavorful, nourishing miracle. A thin slice with melted butter and crunchy radishes. What a thrill.

Leann Spurlock

I thought I was paying $7.50 for a loaf of bread. I received a section of a loaf of bread that was 4 1/2 inches long and about that size square. Very course bread. I will NOT buy another loaf of bread from you sight unseen. I feel this was way over-priced.

Mel M.
Ammerland Black Rye

A delicious, hearty dark rye. Great with just butter or cream cheese, toasted or not. Also wonderful thin-sliced for sandwiches.

Robert Lake
Five star bread!

This one of my most favorites.
I like all the varieties of Ryes and wheat breads Beck's produces, but this one goes beyond five stars!

Peter Carlson
rich & hearty

A very rich and hearty bread that is easy to slice thin. Even toasted is dense and moist, with great flavor from the rye. As others have noted, it is a great choice for open faced sandwiches, with egg dishes - or just on it's own!