100% Stone Milled Honey Whole Wheat, sliced. Saturday curbside pick-up only

100% Stone Milled Honey Whole Wheat, sliced. Saturday curbside pick-up only

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You've never tasted whole wheat until you've tried this bread! Single varietal wheat, sustainably grown by local farmers and stoned milled on the granite grist mill at Beck's Bakery. Taste the difference that careful handling technique and slow fermentation bring to this loaf. This bread is tender, sweetened with a bit of honey and makes amazing toast or sandwiches. It weighs 2 pounds! You will definitely want to freeze this bread to help maintain its quality. Be sure to heat it before you eat it. 

Other organic ingredients in this bread include non-instant milk powder, extra virgin olive oil. It also contains non GMO yeast, salt, & filtered water.

This product cannot be shipped, it is for local pick-up only.  

Saturdays only, 10 am - 2 pm. 

Curbside pick-up is 10 am - 2 pm. Beck's Bakery is located in the Foodworks Culinary Center, 100 Ericson Ct., Arcata. Drive around to the back of the building (look for our little red trailer) You'll see our name on the door. Call 707-840-8004 when you arrive.

Customer Reviews

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Joyce Houston
Nutty whole wheat flavor

Always a delight-great for morning toast or any kind of sandwich in the afternoon; reliable flavor and moistness-YUM

Jeri Scardina

This bread makes the best toast ever, no matter what I top it with. I think I might be addicted!

Janet Wolcott
Best Bread in the World

Substantial, but not heavy. Wonderful, subtle texture--light outer crispness balanced by interior softness. Fragrant, with wonderful flavor. And it's local!

Autumn Glock

Wonderful flavor.
Very filling

Susan Tissot
Honey Whole Wheat Bread

If you love toast with your morning coffee or tea, this is the ticket! This bread makes the best toast that is slightly crunchy and has a subtle sweetness to it from the honey. Love, love this bread!