Collection: Organic 100% Real Wholegrain Breads, Crackers & Flour

There is a small but growing tribe of people that are transforming their health with plant-based whole foods. They want access to whole grains, not partial whole grains (some bran & germ sifted off) nor whole grain infused white flour, but honest to goodness hearty whole grains! 

We are offering a line of baked goods and flours that are made entirely of stone ground whole grains. These organic grains are ground whole on our own granite grist mill. We sift nothing off!  This is called one-pass milling. You get all the flavor and your gut microbiome gets all the bran

We probably don't need to convince you of the benefits of a diet rich in whole grains but we have seen more than a few people enjoy gluten again after ditching the refined stuff (white flour) and sticking with our minimally processed whole grains (sprouting, stone milling or rolling are all we do to these grains).

Since we are a small bakery, we don't have the capacity to make everything every week. To get a heads up about our wholegrain bake schedule and up coming items, please sign up on our mailing list (we hate spammy emails, we won't share your email and you can easily unsubscribe).

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P.S. Organic is always GMO free.