Whole Wheat Levain with Buckwheat - Farmers' Market Pick-up only

Whole Wheat Levain with Buckwheat - Farmers' Market Pick-up only

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100% whole grain bread made with wheat grown by Fritz Durst, in Capay California. We mill it fresh and sift nothing off so that you get the full nutritional benefit. We use a wild culture (a.k.a. levain) and add a good bit of buckwheat for its unique and complimentary flavor profile. 

Loaves are approximately 17 oz.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour*,water, whole buckwheat flour*, sea salt, whole wheat culture. (* = organic)

Curbside pick-up only: 

Farmers' Market, Arcata, 9/24/22, (Saturday), 10 am - 1 pm
Plant-based Whole-food     Long fermentation    Vegan     High Fiber    Good Gluten

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Haas
One of my top five breads ever

I am a toast fanatic. I have toast every morning for my breakfast. It serves as a vehicle for peanut butter, honey and one of my home-made jams. Beck's Whole Wheat Buckwheat is just perfect for morning toast. Flavorful, a little dense (in a good way), and chewy. Glad I bought two loaves.

Lynn Duggins
Good Loaf!

This is one of my favorite bread, so moist and dense. Great flavor!

Joyce Houston

When I think of my first impressions of this bread, it is: robust, full, round flavor; very distinct and DELICIOUS! Try it!

Pam Holten
A Treat

This bread is unlike any other I've enjoyed. It's unique yet so tasty. I highly recommend that everyone give it a try.

Delicous bread

So moist and succulent doesn't even need a topping.