The Next 8 Week Bread Subscription (Aug 27-Oct 15, 2022)   Farmers' Markets (you pick-up)

The Next 8 Week Bread Subscription (Aug 27-Oct 15, 2022) Farmers' Markets (you pick-up)

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Hey Whole Grain Bread Lovers...we have something special for you!

A Whole Grain Bread Subscription!

Order an 8 week subscription (Aug 27-Oct 15) 

That way you'll always get your bread even if you forget to order. You won't have to rush to the Farmers Markets to purchase before we sell out. You'll get a different 100% whole grain bread each week, and you'll also save money - you get a discount off our regular prices. These breads are not available in stores.

You'll be supporting us- knowing what we have to make ahead of time helps reduce waste, helps us better schedule our production and staffing, and helps us have a more stable income.

We will provide a different bread each week. We use 100% whole grain flours (most are stone ground by us) and organic ingredients (when available - we've been experiencing occasional shortages of a few things like brown sesame seeds). Many of the whole grains are grown in Northern California (Lake and Mendocino Counties). We use long fermentation techniques for better flavor, nutrition and keeping qualities. We are the whole grain baking experts on the North Coast!

All of our breads freeze well (just slice it and pop it into the freezer. You can toast it to bring it back to that just baked texture). If you forget to pick-up, we will freeze your bread for another pick-up date. Let us know if you want someone else to pick-up or if you need us to hold your bread for another pick-up date. 

Sign up for our Bread Letter (newsletter) to see what is next in the whole grain bread line-up and learn a little about the sourcing of our ingredients. 

View our current schedule on Google Docs:

Beck's Bakery Whole Grain Bread Schedule

*Saturday- Arcata Farmer's Market, 9 am-1 pm

Note: if it is pouring rain, pick-ups will be at the bakery, 100 Ericson Ct, Suite 100 C, Arcata (707) 840-8004.


Next subscription begins, October 22, 2022.

Sorry, no substitutions!






Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Meighan O'Brien
Becks Rocks!

I have just returned from Monterey- there is nothing anywhere close to the taste, texture and high quality grain choices Becks Bakery offers us at a very affordable price.
Many thanks- it's so good to be back in Humboldt and to count on my weekly subscription from this special bakery.

Richard Golebiowski

We have been enjoying getting the bread subscriptions repeatedly for about a year now. We start our mornings with a cup of coffee and a slice of bread. Yum!

Karen Ayers
Delicious and Good For You

I love Beck's bread - the taste, the texture, and knowing the origin of its ingredients.

Ken Miller
Lucky to be here

Beck's products-and I mean the scones, brownies, shortbreads, and cupcakes as well as the breads-are so special because they are delicious, healthy, and made from lots of locally sourced and grown ingredients. And the subscription assures me of a different bread every week, pure luxurious joy for a bread-lover. We have a treasure here and the subscription seems like a great way to keep it going.

Shirley Russell

I am so pleased with making the choice to have the weekly subscription for the second time. It is always a pleasure to get that new loaf, even when we might not be needing it. In that case I can either freeze it or share with other family and friends who love the breads as well. The Saturday morning trip often ends up as a venture out to places we enjoy.
We are so appreciative of having Beck's Bakery and being able to enjoy their products which are so healthy.